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Gilmore Girls House

Would you live in a small and lively town and sign up for a “24 Hours Dance Marathon?”. 
Would you like to receive 1000 yellow daisies for a romantic marriage proposal by your daughter's literature high school teacher? 
Have you ever thought to attend a “Friday Night Dinner?”.

If your answer is “YES” - as I guess - so, Welcome! This is the right LEGO set for you!

“Gilmore girls”, the creation of Amy Sherman-Palladino, was one of the most beloved and cult series on the small screen, during the early 2000s. 

The set of events is a picturesque fictional town called Stars Hollow (Connecticut, USA), where the colorful and curious residents make the young single mother, Lorelai, and her daughter Rory, the center of funny and wired situations.

Two main features a real fan cannot absolutely forget, above all, are the quick and talkative dialogues and the surreal metabolism of our two protagonists.
They can eat a bunch of candies, tons of pizzas, fries and burgers without gain any kilos. And, what about their love for coffee? Rivers of coffee rigorously made by Luke, the shy and clumsy local restaurateur, secretly - but not too much - in love with Lorelai. 
Go Luke! We had always been cheering for you!

The set (2987 pieces) includes the following features:
- Modular House and garage with a faithful reproduction of the furniture and many other cult Easter eggs.
- 9 Minifigures & a dog (Paul Anka).
- Lorelai’s car.

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