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Igiby Cottage - The Wingfeather Saga


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The Wingfeather Saga is an epic story full of heart and daring adventure. The Igiby family’s journey begins from their humble cottage in the quiet town of Glipwood. Become acquainted with all the key characters: the brothers, Janner and Tink, their younger sister Leeli, Nia, their mother and Podo, their hulking ex-pirate grandfather. And don’t forget Nugget Leeli’s faithful dog.

Join in the Igiby family’s adventures. Based on the concept art and trailers of the upcoming series, the cottage is bursting with detail inside as well as out. Enter the warm kitchen-living room and recreate scenes around the dinner table. Ascend to the children’s loft bedroom and examine a mysterious map with Janner and Tink. Check out Podo’s maritime decorated bedroom, and Nia’s simple but beautiful bedroom. Visit the garden and watch Podo, Leeli and Nugget chase down rascally totatoe thieving Thwaps. And finally, board the carriage pulled by Danny the carthorse and head to the town of Glipwood for the annual Dragon Day festival.

I have been an enthusiastic LEGO builder since a young age, and the Wingfeather Saga has rapidly become one of my favorite epic adventure stories. So I wanted to combine my love for both LEGO and Wingfeather by creating this set. I am positive that there are many many other people who feel the same enthusiasm for both.

The Igiby home is the center from which all the adventures of the family begin, so what better location to turn into a Wingfeather Saga LEGO Product Idea. The intricate details from the story are in every corner and there is room to play through all your favorite scenes. This cottage would make the perfect set for adult Wingfeather Saga fans as well as young. 

The model is built using exactly 3,000 pieces.

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