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The Colour Pallete Of A Maple Tree

The Maple tree (Acer L.) has a special significance for people around the world.
You can meet Maple in many gardens as they are used as ornamental trees because of the beautiful red leaves during the autumn. There are species that can grow up to 40 meters, but you can also meet shorter ones. In Japan, Maple is a popular choice for the art of bonsai. In other countries, such as Greece, Maple is an important source of syrup that is used in various recipes. Some of the larger maple species have valuable timber, particularly Sugar maple in North America, and Sycamore maple in Europe. Last but not least, of course the Maple leaf in the center of the Canadian flag.

The reason that I chose to build an artistic (and not realistic) version of the Maple tree, is because I think it is a beautiful image to see every day in your living room, bedroom, office if you are a grown up with a childrens heart. It is also a great gift for the children, as they will have a tree to care of, so we can build an ecological consiousness for the future generations.
Most of us leave in a city scape, in the middle of the concrete gray colour. It is a great chance for our mood to take a glance at a natural scape.

The set also has an educational purpose, as through the different seasons, the tree is changing in the same way that it would do in real life! So, in spring you put on your tree's branches the green leaves, in summer the leaves turn into yellow, in autumn we have the beautiful red colour and finally in winter the leaves turn brown and fall on the ground.

So with one set we basically have four different images that will match with the season and the weather outside of the window and will always keep us "busy".

I hope you will appreciate the effort and like this set!!!


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