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São Paulo (Architechture Skyline)

São Paulo: with over 21 million people in its metropolitan area, it is the biggest city not only in Brazil, but in the Americas and even in Southern Hemisphere overall! Famous for its cultural activities and the vibrant, urban energy, then why not to have a dedicated Architecture Skyline set?

It contains 745 pieces (without the brick remover and spare pieces) and one exclusive printed piece (the 1x8 name tile). Here's the list of the buildings in this set, from left to right:

  • The Oca at Ibirapuera Park: Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, this museum dedicated to indigenous artifacts is located in São Paulo's most famous green space.
  • Tomie Ohtake Institute: Named after the Japanese-Brazilian artist, the institution dedicates to contemporary art, design and fashion.
  • São Paulo Museum of Art: Located in the Paulista Avenue, this masterpiece by Lina Bo Bardi houses one of South America's most important art institutions.
  • Santander Lighthouse: One of the first and tallest skyscrapers in Brazil, it dominates the city's skyline and is currently an entrepreneurship hub and a cultural center.
  • The COPAN Building: Another work of Oscar Niemeyer, this apartment complex in the heart of the city has over 1100 units, so big it has its own ZIP code.
  • Luz Station: Built in 1900, it is one of São Paulo's main train and metro stations, and also houses the Museum of the Portuguese Language.

As a LEGO Architecture fan, I'd love to see more sets of this series being released (even more the Skyline subseries), and I'm certainly not the only one wanting it! If you like the Architecture series, I'd truly appreciate your support, it would be great to see this set officially released!

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