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The Daily Brick


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It is finally here: Ideas’ first LEGO modular newspaper store, The Daily Brick!
Time: The Daily Brick is set in the early 1920s, representing an older time period. As you can see, the chandelier has candle lighting while the editor’s table has an electric lamp.
Style: I attempted to style the “Daily” as close to the early 20th century as I could, but I kind of got carried away with the other aspects of the build, so it became a mix ;)
Background: I have no set names for the 5 minifigures I chose to display, but I can still give detail into what they are doing in the set. Feel free to give name suggestions in the comments! The editor is working at his table, which I spent the most time on out of the entire set :) He takes coffee breaks now and again (more now than again). The female employee, who is walking towards the editor, is between the cash register and the typewriter. The older man walking into the store is actually a series minifig, but I modified him a little. Coming to the outside, the older lady outside on the bench is waiting for a bus, having just purchased a newspaper (good for her).The newspaper boy outside gives a good feel of what I wanted the temperature to be outside. I think he really helps the set shout, “newspaper store!” (No pun intended). So that wraps up the minifigures section. The furniture I chose to build for the inside is what I imagined a newspaper store would have. There is a cash register, typewriter, grandfather clock, editor’s table, newspaper stand, file cabinet, and drawers. I added some flowers for some extra life! Now let’s jump into an interview by me, to me!!
What was the hardest part of your build? Personally, the roof. I say this because although I think it looks great now, I had trouble in the beginning finding how I wanted it to look. The Daily Brick sign was difficult to build as well and I experimented with many ideas. Once I got the right one though, I loved it. Why did you choose this specific model? While a newspaper store/print shop may seem too old or boring for younger kids, I think my model possesses a lot of playability. I hope my newspaper store will capture many modular city collector’s attentions and inspire more vintage modular models in the future. I think a print shop packs a lot of detail on the inside and the out.
Why do you think this would make a good LEGO set? Like I said earlier, I think the Daily Brick comes with many little details that can be played with and customized as well. Hopefully this set can spark imaginative play or be displayed with your LEGO city. Although it is only a one story building, I think this allows for great transportation and easy play. Also, the back wall and roof come off, for better viewing and fun. Who doesn’t want a LEGO Newspaper store?
If you’ve read this far then great for you, but if you just decided to skip it and support or comment, then also great for you! As I wrap this up, I ask you to please support my project and share with others. It needs all the help to get “published” as an official Ideas set!!

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