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Target Arcade Room Game or TARG


new better roof for the T A G R or the Target Arcade Game Room

I built a better roofline that has a black security camera on top of it and now it looks equal. before it looked unequal let me know what you think by leaving any comments. I am still going to add a couple more people to this to make it even greater. Thanks!


Inside T A R G Two New Targets and Security cameras, and two video monitoring cameras

Inside I   have added two new target boxes,  two flash light holders that are both white, a pink flash light, a yellow flashlight two security cameras  by the seats, two video monitoring cameras that are white. If you have any other suggestions please feel free to leave in the comment box and Thanks! Have a Great Day!


Game Card Cash Register

I have added a Game Card Register, that consists of a self service game card  cash register with three red game cards, three gift cards, three green $100. bills  a green, yellow, red service light, a pink credit card, a blue credit card, a credit card reader, a scanner, one arcade owner/ worker with cell phone and screwdriver, and it also one kid customer. 

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