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Target Arcade Room Game or TARG


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Hi, This is my new idea called  T A R G  or other wise known as Target Arcade Room Game.  This idea comes with 6 red seats inside,  6 game card readers, 6 space blaster guns with 6 yellow lights, 6 space gun holders, a mailbox that opens for a targer with target and closes, a money safe with target that opens and closes, a bucket with handle with 18 blue water and target, a refrigiator that opens and closes and target, two red doors, a blue roof, a blue round circle sign,  a white sign that says T because I don't have enough space to put T A R G on the sign that I made. This looks like a cool idea and would go with any sets that Lego makes. I built this idea because the Target Game Rooms are a lot of fun to do with family and friends! I have not added any people yet and don't know if i will because i like people to add their own and that would make it more fun  and uses imagnination to play with.    So remember to tell your friends and Family members about the  Target Arcade Room Game and Thanks! Your builder and Lego Fan Treetop 2017!

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