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Hi bricks fans !
This is my LEGO version of the King of monsters, Godzilla.
I'm a fan of big monsters movies like King Kong, Pacific Rims and more.
My dream is to see official Kaiju sets.
So i decided to build the most famous of them, Godzilla.

Godzilla have some play features to be a cool LEGO set.
- Fully articulated, you can give him the different positions to recreate some famous movie's scenes.
- You can add the iconic atomic breathe into his mouth.
- Equipped with a stand Godzilla can take the swiming position for an under water adventure.
- You can take off the back of this kaiju for the on water scenes.

My only regret is that i'm not able to make his legendary roar when i'm playing with it and destroying my LEGO city.
I hope you gonna enjoy this project as much as i enjoy create it.
Feedbacks are welcome.
Thanks in advance for your support.

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