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Vintage Cinema Camera


Film reel stockers

I embellished the camera by remaking the film reel stockers. Now, they are rounder, and the empty space between them is filled (it didn't make sense).
I rearranged the set so that it still had 3000 pieces. So I made some other minor changes, which I'll let you discover (if they ever show up).
I also updated all the photos, which you can see by following this link.

The film reel stockers

Again, feel free to tell me what you think in the comments!



The size of my idea was unknown to you until now.
After complaint, I designed a new image giving you the exact measurements.
Don't hesitate to ask me questions, or to tell me if any information is missing!

Informations: 56.3cm length - 25.6cm width - 109.5cm height

Size of the "Vintage Camera"

Here, the image is a bit small. You can get a bigger one by following this link.


1000 supporters - "Vintage Camera" piece

Thank you all for supporting me, to reach the milestone of 1000 supporters!
So, I decided to complete my idea with a new piece (which replaces another one; the 3000 pieces threshold is not passed).
This piece is marked with the text "Vintage Camera".
All images have been updated.

"Vintage Camera" piece on the set

"Vintage Camera" piece alone

Tell me in comments what you think, and don't hesitate to make suggestions!