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Barad Dur


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Behold the stronghold of the Dark Lord Sauron and beware of his burning gaze.  This is possibly the most recognizable and deitailed buildings in the Lord of the Rings Triligy.  "Every" story has a main villian so it would only make sence to have Sauron who is one of biggist villians of all time not to mention to do justice to Tolken's work.  So I have built Barad Dur to be as true to the movies as possible, but since they was no interior in the movies I had to deisign it based on what I know from the books.  I tryed to make it as set like as possible but still taller than Orthanc so my finished build has 6783 Pieces.


1. The Two Towers

  • In this picture you can see the size comparison

2. Barad Dur dimesions

3. The Interior

Starting from the bottom

  • The Dungeon, Forge, Armory, & Entrance
  • Shrine & Antechambers
  • The Throne & hidden Mithril rooms
  • The Palantir & Ring colection room
  • The Spells & Posions room
  • The Library
  • The Trophy room

4. Removable Sections

  • For easy play and moving

5. Bottom Section

6. Middle Section

7. Top Section

8.Light up Eye

  • Possibly my biggist acoplishment in this model is the movable light up Eye.  It can turn left, right, up, down with ease and shines a light where the Eye is looking.

If you would like to see this as a set please support and theres a chance might become one.

Thank you for reading!

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