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Oreo Cookies

I love Oreo cookies.

With some milk on the side they are the perfect cookie. It is a shame to not have a Lego set that will allow me to have a display of Oreo's I can leave out all year long! Oreo is an iconic, best selling cookie with mass appeal and has been sweetening our lives for over a hundred years. 40 billion Oreos are sold in over 100 countries each year, the appetite for Oreo's is insatiable!

This set features three cookies, two in a storage case and one mid-dunk featured in a glass of milk. This set uses stickers to capture the brand and the Oreo's signature embossing. This small build would make a great gift, desk accessory, or treat yourself treat.

It would make a terrible snack, don't try to eat it.

This is a set that surely the whole family will enjoy. Twist, Click, Dunk!

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