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The Flying Box Courier Cº



We made it to 100 supporters!

I'm so happy we got to the first milestone, but that's only 1% of the final goal. A big focus for me in this build, has  been developing a truly playable set. My kids have played a big part in the process of me exploring that theme, giving it to them without instructions to see what they did with it and critically, what broke!

I didn't include any of these in the original description, but here's a handful of shots of a bit of that process in action.

Let's put more great sets in the hands of our kids!


So encouraged!

I know these things are all about the long-haul, but I’m so encouraged by the early support this project has received. We’re well on the way to the first milestone of 100 supporters!

Part of my aim for the set was to build something truly playable - not only something that kids want to p[lay with, but something they can play with without fear of breaking it. So I was equally encouraged this morning when my 4 year-old son sat himself down next to me, and with all the colourful things on my desk which he might choose to play with, he reached for for The Fly Box Courier Co 🥰

Thanks for everyone's support so far. Please, if you've supported it, share it with your friends and let's see har far we can go together.

I'm interested to know whether anyone has questions about the project. If there's a detail you're interested in, or a construction you might like a breakdown of, please ask in the comments 👍

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