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The Flying Box Courier Cº


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If you need something moving from here to there, the ladies of the Flying Box Courier Cº have you covered!

It's the near LEGO future, and developments in anti-gravity caterpillar drives means the world has taken to the skies. Packages still need delivering though, and this enterprising group of ladies have come together to get the job done.

Need a high-value package handled with care from here to there? Or perhaps a national carrier has let you down about town? And just maybe you have priorities you want hidden from the authorities (we don't mean smuggling*). Whatever you need, Catherine, Harry, Polly and Mim will move you! 

* We do mean smuggling.

The build includes:

  1. A flying delivery vehicle, play features include…
    1. A large cargo bay with 6 independently operable access doors.
    2. 2 small luggage and utility bays for carrying maintenance tools or, who knows, a personal means of defence from those who might want to take advantage of a lone pilot.
    3. An engine bay, with removable anti-gravity caterpillar drive.
  2. A dispatch and maintenance depot which includes…
    1. A comms bay for managing orders and keeping in touch with your pilot as they run their errands.
    2. A utility truck with modular, swappable payloads which include a flatbed, refueller, maintenance unit, and an articulated long-loader with independent rear bogie.
    3. 2 utility bots.
    4. Playable cargo includes 3 large crates (non-opening), and 6 small crates, each with its own precious contents.
  3. A minifig team including…
    1. Catherine, the boss.
    2. Harry, the pilot.
    3. Polly, the ground-crew.
    4. Mim, the engineer.

Notes from the creator

I've been working on this creation on and off for a few years. I've always loved simple geometric shapes, and finding ways to pack as many quirky uses of space and detail into them as I can. This project is a perfect example of that.

I think it's perhaps three play-sets in the way LEGO works them: 1. The delivery vehicle with some cargo, paraphernalia and Harry; 2. The dispatch and maintenance depot, with with modular utility truck, a bot, Catherine and Polly; and 3. Mim a bot with a small amount of cargo.

On testing

At home I have access to 9 and 4 year-old 'play-testers'. After making a modification, I'll typically invite them to have a play with it, seeing what they do, making a mental note of the parts that break too easily, listening to their ideas as they play. As a result, I'm really confident about the playability of this set. I think it works really well.

I'd love to hear what you think of it, what you might improve, and whether you have any questions about its construction.

Thanks in advance!

More image available via Flickr

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