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Brickston Square Tram Station


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At the beginning of the 20th century elevated public transportation is more and more in common in big world cities. This European touched station fits perfectly in your modular town. Ground plate (48x32) has the same size as ghostbusters house or assembly square. Over 2300 parts of building fun. Catch the lovely details and hopefully printed bricks.

Climb the stairs to the platform and cath your train. The small yellow tram is 5 stud wide and has space for 4 passengers. Also enough rails for a small circuit included.

The 11 minifigures like Traffic Policeman, Major, Engineer, Paper Boy, Postman. Marketer, Ticket Vendor gives this place an authentic look.


My inspiration was the AFOL Skyline Express from Bricklink. Nice set but it need another station. This Station has to fit for the modular buildings. This idea is independent from Skyline Express but can be combined.

I hope you like the result.


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