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Modular General Store


Hi again Rustybricks24 here with my first digital build, a Modular General Store!

On the exterior, there are lots of small details,such as pillars and flowers. I thought it would be fun to add an old fashion gas pump for play-ability. Little trees bring a little more greenery to this magnificent building. The rear of the store has an offset window and a telephone for detail, you could also park the truck back there.

The second floor is a cozy little apartment. Rooms include a bathroom, a main room, and a bedroom. The kitchen has back-splash behind the cabinets, it's just hard to see. The fireplace and couch add a homey feel to the small area.

On the other hand, the first floor houses the store section. I tried to make this creation look antique, so I built the cabinets and the cash register in old style colors. The freezer holds milk, orange juice, and ice cream. Canned goods sit on a table near the stairs. There is also a small little office in the back. I tried to include some personal belongings on the shelves to make it a personal office. Road base-plates not included.

Once again, it was a pleasure to build this store and I hope you like it too : )

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