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Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour


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Hold on to the memories and they will hold on to you.

Nothing is more special or memorable than the Eras era: seeing Taylor live, trading friendship bracelets, watching lives each weekend, freaking out over surprise songs, the list goes on and on. And what better way to remember these moments than with a minifig-scale Lego replica of the Eras Tour stage itself?

Clocking in at 2974 parts, this build captures every detail and trick of the stage and its 4 lighting rigs and includes 10 minifigures: a Taylor from each era (surprise songs counts as debut right?😜) plus guitarist Paul Sidoti and 4 backup dancers! Each stage (main, diamond, and front) can separate thanks to technic pin joinery.

Some features include:
  • Detachable Rep snake and Lover House screen effects
  • Raisable platforms on the diamond stage
  • Evermore trees that rise out of the stage
  • LWYMMD glass boxes that swing on stage from behind the screen (also use to store Taylor figs from non-Rep eras!)
  • 3 swinging doors on the main screen
  • Sliding floor plates
  • Folklore house that rises out of the stage
  • Bad Blood fire effects
  • Surprise song piano that rises out of the stage
  • Diving hole that can open and close
  • Karma fireworks
  • Storage space backstage (for Red box, Vigilante "Stuff" chairs, guitars/mics, etc.)

Like the real Eras Tour, every effort has been put in to make this set perfect and your support in making it a reality would mean the world. Bring a piece of the Eras Tour home today and let these memories break your fall!
More scenes will be available soon!

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