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Classic Sailing Yacht

Everyone on board!
Who has never dreamed of leaving a fantastic adventure at sea?
Let's discover the adventures of the Bricksons family together!
The Bricksons have a beautiful sailing yacht on which they spend their holidays. They dream of exploring the world and making new friends. Mr. Brickson holds the helm and charts the course; Mrs. Brickson trims the sails by the winch and prepares delicious meals; Alice helps her mother; Albert is ready to drop anchor. Meanwhile, a mysterious intruder is on board and watches them... there's a seagull on the mast! In the evening the Bricksons go to sleep, ready for a new adventure!
This model represents a classic sailing yacht for fans of all ages.
The yacht is placed on an elegant base and it contains various accessories.
• The model consists of 2997 pieces.
• The model includes 4 minifigures and 1 animal: Mr. Brickson, Mrs. Brickson, Albert, Alice, the seagull.
• A base is included in the model. The yacht can be removed from the base to enhance the gaming experience.
• Two parts of the deck surface can be removed to allow access to the interior.
• Inside the yacht there are 3 different environments: the living room, with the passing mast, a table with 4 chairs, an armchair, a small piece of furniture, a bunk bed and the kitchen; the captain's cabin, with a bed, a wall-mounted bookcase and a desk; the bathroom, with a toilet and a sink.
• The yacht is equipped with 4 winches to adjust the sails. There are various accessories: a Danish flag, a fishing rod, two ropes, two anchors, two chains, two life jackets.

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