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Ultra Hawkodile


Exercise Break 2

"Already halfway to the big hundo with you guys! Er-hundred supporters, not hundred percent. No biggie. still got 50 days to get my Awesome Dream bod, Let's do this!" - Hawkodile

[Support Percentage: 53%]


Exercise Break 1

"Man, you guys really wanna see this bod come alive! 43 off the first five days of exercise alone! great to hear from you all, but i can't make this body come true with just 60 days. let's pump that count UP!" - Hawkodile

[Support Percentage: 0.44%]


Commencing Ultra Body Building exercise!

"Alright! it's time for you to help me Pump it up! Unikitty and the other will Freak if this goes well!" - Hawkodile

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