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Ultra Hawkodile


Dream is dead

"Hey guys, Former Doom Master Frown here. So, i was heading to the gym that Hawk has been going to, but he wasn't there when i made it. I asked where he went to the staff there and they told me his 60-day trial expired." - Frown

"I was so close to that first milestone! SO CLOSE!" - Hawkodile from afar

"Humph. I tried to tell the guy it wouldn't happen, but the guy just wouldn't listen." - Frown

"That skip costed me ten days of no support! I just needed twenty more! TWENTY!" - Hawkodile from afar

"I guess Unikitty really is the only one to go 'Ultra' or whatever it is. that dream of his is dead and he's nothing but a Failure." Frown

"Why does Princess Unikitty get all the awesome stuff? WHY?!" - Hawkodile from afar

with that roleplay out of the way, that ten-day dry streak really hurt this even if it was a throwaway. this could've sparked interest back into Unikitty! (the TV show) but with a 0.8%, that's not happening anytime soon.

Edit: of course, now we break that Dry streak with five new supporters, but we need 15 more if we want this to last.


The Dreaded Skip

"No. No! NO! I'm down to the final five days on my trial and we skip right then and there? Is this Dream bod not cool anymore? Is princess Unikitty's show not your favorite? Don't let this dream stay a dream on me!" - Hawkodile


Exercise Break 7

"Down to ten days on my trial, and I'm just 21 away from extending my membership! i can't lose my Dream Bod here! Not when I'm this close!" - Hawkodile


Exercise Break 6

"Aw man! I only got a quarter of my trial left and I'm 24 away from extending my membership by a full year! I'm so close to giving Princess Unikitty an Ultra Bodyguard for that awesome Ultra bod!" - Hawkodile

"She can take care of herself-self-self. She doesn't need you-you-you!" - FDM Frown's words echoing through the gym.

"Rgh! darn his cursed words, They keep getting into my head!" - Hawkodile, close to losing it

"Uh, I'm right here dude. Snap out of it!" - Former Doom Master Frown

Slap! Hawkodile falls to the ground.

"Ow, needed that." - Hawkodile

[Support Percentage: 0.76%]


Exercise Break 5

"Already down to a third of my trial time and got four new guys helpin' out, leavin' me with 70 in total. Man, I'm just thirty away from getting a Year-long membership! I'm so close to getting myself more time for that awesome Dream Bod!" - Hawkodile

"Will you just give it up already-ready-ready?! It's not gonna happen-happen-happen!" - Echoes of Frown's words in Hawkodile's mind.

"Ugh! again with these thoughts! i need to focus!" - Hawkodile


Another near skip

"Yeesh, somethin' tells me interest has been waning on my Dream Bod. only one new guy five days after burning up half my Membership trial! I'm tryin' my best here! " - Hawkodile

"Doesn't look like it to me-me-me!" - Echoes of Frown's words in Hawkodile's mind

"Huh? someone say somethin'? hmph, probs nothin' to worry." Hawkodile

[Support Percentage: 0.66%]


Half a trial, gone like that.

"Wow, time really flies when you're fighting it for your dream bod. I already burned halfway through my 60-day trial and I only need 35 more of you guys to extend my membership by a Year!" - Hawkodile

"Will you just give it up already?! it's not gonna happen!" - Former Doom Master Frown

"Oh, what do you know? You never got a Body-Building Trial!" - Hawkodile

[Support Percentage: 0.65%]


A near skip

"Yikes. this almost felt like a skip on Ultra Body Building until we had one newcomer step in to help out. we gotta take this Exercise seriously here if we want this Dream bod to come true!" - Hawkodile

[Support Percentage 0.63%]


Exercise Break 4

"And just like that, i go from burning a quarter of my Ultra Body Building trial to a third of it with only four new faces helpin' out! if i'm gonna get this awesome Dream-bod, i'm gonna need more time! i just need 38 more of you guys to reach 100 and earn myself a year of body building." - Hawkodile

[Support Percentage: 0.62%]


Exercise Break 3

"Whew, already burned up a quarter of my Ultra Body Building sixty-day trial with five newcomers helpin' out. what does that leave us at? 58? I'm really tryin' here, i can't make this bod happen in just sixty days!" - Hawkodile

"Doesn't look like it to me! - Former Doom Master Frown (offscreen)

"Ah ignore him, he's just a brick in the mud." - Hawkodile

[Support Percentage: 0.58%]

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