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Portal Companion Cube

Designed for adult fans, this life-size Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube opens up to reveal all your favourite characters from the Portal games, including GLaDOS (who is fully articulated and poseable), Wheatley, Chell, along with several cute little sentry turrets who want to know if you're there.

This was designed as a gift for my partner. She's a Geek, but not a gamer, who loved the Portal games. So this was designed for her, because nothing says Love like a weighted companion cube! 

I likewise loved the Portal games, and while it was always intended as a life-size companion cube, I wanted to take it further. Opening it up presents the viewer with scenes from the game. Side 1 features the beginning of a familiar testing chamber, as Chell enters and Wheatley watches. It includes Easter eggs for fans of the game too, get in close behind a broken panel to see a familiar hidey-hole and a familiar message - "The Cake is a Lie". Side 2 is dominated by GLaDOS in all her glory. She is poseable and adjustable, and importantly, accurate to the model in the game. She's also accompanied by Sentry Turrets fresh off the assembly line.

It's one for AFOLs, a feature piece any geek would be proud to display in the home, and if you like it, please hit support, and share it with your friends, so that we can bring a classic piece of gaming history into our homes.

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