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Lego Aquarium


A Lego Aquarium for any city or oceanside theme.  The idea would be to have four seperate displays, in this model based on available designs, there is a dolphins tank, shark tank, octopus tank and reef tank, with pump station hidden in the back.  A touch tank is also on display which could have stingrays too (or even made a bit larger).  Idealliy, some new marine creatures could be created to swap out the shark, perhaps a marine turtle.  With any luck the basis of this model can get passed to help drive the creation of an aquarium set :)

A few extra minifigs could be added, this one includes two children, a scuba diver cleaning the aquairu, and an old sea dog!

I built this model due to the lack of an aquarium set to go along with other city themes. I am also a marine biologist in my profession and would love to see a build featuring one of my favorite pass times, going to the aquarium to look at all of the sea life on display.


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