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Twin-Turbo Ski Race Boat


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Water Ski Racing is a popular sport in Australia and the craft that tow the skiers up to and in excess of 220 km/h (136 mp/h) are nothing short of monstrous! The top boats are typically around 6.5m (21ft) in length, with turbocharged V8 engines putting out in excess of 1700hp! As a big fan of the sport and the boats involved, I decided to try and recreate one of these machines in Lego form.

I designed this project using LDD over about two and a half weeks, as a sort of tutorial as I hadn't used the program before. The bow was tough to shape and it's quite complex up under that deck, but I'm pretty happy with the outcome!

The propeller shaft and engine (with rotating crankshaft/pistons) are connected via Vee-Drive up between the driver and observer, and the rudder will rotate with a turn of the steering wheel

There will be corrugated flex hose from the blue pins on the turbochargers to the grey pins on the intercooler, but I was unable to get flexing to work correctly in LDD.

I have ordered all of the 2000+ parts from BrickLink and will post updates when they have all arrived and I have built the model.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to your support.



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