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Stardew Valley - The Game


Hello farmers and welcome to Stardew Valley! With this creation you will be able to create your own farm, develop some buildings and enjoying the life in this little world. Stardew Vallley is in fact a PC game that I wanted to recreate in lego. Indeed, as a fan and player of this game I tried to imagine a way to rectreate the fabulous world of stardew valley but in real. Using lego bricks was the best way to do that.

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So I worked hard to recreate as real as possible the different buildings of the game and to correctly pick the right color. Also I decided to use the same size as in the game in order to maintain the good proportion. But for the baseplate, I divised the dimensions by two in order to reduce the size of the boardgame and to reduce the number of pieces (the way to fit the lego ideas rules).

The strategy of the playability is to use small blocks (for example a coop, a mill, a wood block). This allows you to create as many combination as possible and to be the master of the game. So you can easily develop your own farm and extend your territory. You can also extend the coop into a big or deluxe coop.


- 1568 bricks Total

- 850 bricks Baseplate


- Coops

- Barn (soon, in progress)

- Mill

- Shed

- Silo

- Slime Hutch

- Stable

- Well

- Wooden blocks

I hope you enjoy this creation. It was a pleasure to create this project for me, because I there was many challenges during the work. I think this prject has a big potentiel, because this will help you to enlarge your imagination, and to have a 3d view of the game.

This project needs your support! 10 000 supports may transform this lego project into an actual lego set. So please if you like it, you can add your support and share the link to your friends on social medias.

Best regards,

The Brick Art

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