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Lego Heroes: Protectors of Lego City


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Once upon a time there was a big town called "Lego City". It was a city full of population, live and work. But there were also bad guys in this city: Villains and thieves, who stole things from the good people. But one day four brave heroes appeared in the town. With their incredible weapons they fought the villains back and brought the thieves back to prison. Nobody knew their names, so they named them after the colors of their suits: Green, Blue, Black and Red. After the bad guys were defeated a time of wealth started. Until now...


The villainous "Cop with the red mask", a former president of the police station, wants to rule hole Lego City and... THE WORLD. He has a army of evil robots on his site. Who can stop him now?

THE LEGO HEROES of course!
With their vehicles, their awsome weapons and their mind they will defeat the villain and bring back peace in Lego City.


Here are the charakters: 

Red:                          Power: Speed
                                 Weapon: The power of Reds weapon can dismantle things in seconds but also can                                    fix them together!

Black:                       Power: Defense
                                Weapon: Blacks weapon can shoot a ray of mist and discountenances the enemies.

Blue:                        Power: Strength
                                Weapon: Blues weapon can overwhelm everything!

Green:                     Power: Creativity
                                Weapon: Greens weapon can paralyse every electrical machine!


The cop with the red mask: He is a crazy officer and inventor, who made it to his duty to control the                                                       world.

Bob and Rob:                      The two robots are two first versions of the robot army. Unfortunately they                                                 didn't wanted to be bad and so they help the heroes. Now they are the new                                               commanders of the Lego City police headquarter.


This set comes with the four cars of the heroes, the minifigs for them, the cop with his evil robots and Bob and Rob. It's easy to play your own story with them and to combine this set with sets from your city or ultra agents collection (like I did). It was a lot of fun to play with this cars and minifigs for me and I think it would give a pretty nice lego set.

I hope that you like my models and will help me with your support on my long, long way to the 10.000! Share your thougts to this project in the comments with me and help me to make my project much better! Thanks for your time!


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