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Apollo Program Moon Explorers


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The Apollo Program is a key part of the history of space exploration. The most famous missions were the Apollo 11 (first manned moonlanding) and Apollo 13 (that inspired the movie starring by Tom Hanks).

This LEGO project includes:

Apollo Spacecraft Command and Service Module (Apollo CSM). The model can be separated into its command module and the service module. 

The Command module has a hatch (that can be opened) and fits 3 astronauts inside (included).

The CSM comes with a stand that fits the spacecraft.

Lunar Module. This is the spacecraft used for the moon landing. It can be separated in the ascent module (upper part) and descent module (lower part). The ascent module can be opened and fits two astronauts.

Lunar Roving Vehicle.It was an electric-powered vehicle designed to operate in the low gravity of the Moon, and allowed the Apollo astronauts to extend the range of their surface extravehicular explorations. The LRV was populary known as the "moon buggy".  Three LRVs were driven in the Moon: in the Apollo 15 mission during 1971, and Apollo 16 and Apollo 17 during 1972.

Astronauts. Each Apollo Mission had a crew of three astronauts: Commander (orange strips in the spacesuit), LM pilot and CSM pilot. Only the Commander and the LM pilot did the moonlanding, while the CSM pilot stayed in the Apollo spacecraft orbiting the moon.

You can find more pictures in my flickr album:

Total pieces count: around 1200 pcs

I think that the Apollo Program was one of the greatest milestones in the history of space exploration and a great moment in the history of mankind, so this project has great educational value for children and adults and would be of great interest to LEGO fans, especially those who have a special interest in space exploration and spacecraft.

More information about the Apollo Program:

The Saturn V rocket is not included in my project, because there is an amazing Saturn V project approved in LEGO Ideas (Apollo 11 - Saturn V by saabfan and whatsuptoday, )

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