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Disney's Starspeeder 3000


My Swan Song

I would like to thank everybody who supported this project (both times) and am sorry I can't get above 300 supporters.  I will not be resubmitting it after it expires.  I need the Legos for other things.  However, I will continue to (when not studying for school) build things for Lego Ideas, including, perhaps, more Disneyland rides.  Let me leave you with an image of Disney characters enjoying the last ride on the Starspeeder 3000...


Empire Day at Disneyland

Are you tired of faceless duty for the Galactic Empire?  Need a chance to unwind after shooting (and missing) people all day?  Come on over to Disneyland on Galactic Day 17900.  We'll gather at Star Tours first, so you can ride the most fun ride in the gakaxy with your fellow Stormtroopers.  We'll also ride the PeopleMover.  Be sure to tell all your friends to not miss out on all the fun.  Just keep your helmet on.  That's mandatory.  Enjoy!


The Lobby at Star Tours

For my first update I thought you'd like to see more of the lobby.  This is how it looked in 1987 when the ride first opened.  I have red, blue, and now yellow PeopleMover trains.  If you're old enough to remember the PeopleMover, take a stroll down memory lane by supporting this model.  You know you want to...