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Medieval Tournament


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Medieval Tournament

📜 In the Middle Ages, if the knights weren't at war, then they could practice in tournaments with many different weapons. But the main attraction was the joust, when the knights on horseback tried to strike the opponent with blunt tip lances (and their heavy armour protected them too).

🧱 I am a great medieval fan, my previous build was a Fortified Bridge, a lot of people liked the towers (and the ducks) from it, but the main bridge building was less popular. So, I redesigned the towers into a castle gate and I made my favourite medieval scene around it, and here is the result. I hope you will like it!

My idea contains:
🎯 2 tents with the archery field
🐎 the jousting field
👑 the royal box and the spectator's seat 
🏰 the castle gate with 2 towers (furnished)
🚩 a cart, a tree and 2 banners
⚔️ 10 minifigures and 2 horses

⚙️ 2887 total pieces.

 Thank you for checking out my project!

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