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Jebediah Kerman


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This LEGO Jebediah Kerman model is my tribute to Kerbal Space Program, the best video game when it comes to teaching space mechanics, rockets, and explosions.
The character
The model represents Jebediah Kerman, the legendary pilot with who we all flew our first rocket… Into the ground. That is probably why he has no hair on the model, they very likely burned during the unplanned landing.
It comes with removable helmet and backpack, as well as a debris with the KSP logo on it… I told you; the rocket flew into the ground!
Posable figure
The model is posable: arms and legs are linked with the body through ball joints. The hands and head can rotate around their natural axis. The hands can open slightly, and the thumb can move freely.
This makes it the perfect set to display next to your LEGO space collection and will, I hope, please all the KSP fans throughout the LEGO community (And vice versa)!
Kerbal Space Program and LEGO
Kerbal Space Program is a huge sandbox game where you can let your imagination run freely, very much like LEGO bricks which allow countless children and adults to keep creating! Both in the game and in real life with LEGO bricks, your imagination is the only limit.
Hence the LEGO IDEAS proposal: who better than the iconic bricks to give a tribute to this wonderful game?
Feel free to support the project!
Model dimension (Kerbal only)
Width: 23.8 cm / 9.7 studs / 9.4 inches
Length: 22.4 cm / 28 studs / 8.8 inches
Height: 37.9 cm / 47.3 studs / 14.9 inches
Weight: 1622 grams / 57.2 oz

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