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The Legion


the hunter

Because 4 arms is better than two


New look

Heads + Face= personality

Now all versions will have their own face, to give them a better look,in the final set the faces will be completely different, the faces they got now are a resemblance, not the final product. Also some of them got new upgrades

And a full new characters



The set

The set its self will be comprise of 6 characters, its based on the creators line of 2001 i think but for it i need you help to choose which robots will go, i will keep posting new versions each week, please comment with the color of the robot you liked more


New characters

3 new designs into the mix, Powerlord, Thunderflight, and Fixmaster

Fixmaster, field medic, he has tools and refactions to fix anyone who needs it

Powerlord, can extract energy from anything and use the energy as ammo 

Thunderflight, fast as his name, it has incredible fight capabilities 



The replacement of the old frames gives the chance to create full new looks to old models such as, Poundfist, Bladecrane and Cronos in his flight modePoundfist and Bladecrane

Cronos new flight mode


New skeleton frame, all new brand designs

Full new body frame allows to the figures to reach more poses thanks to the new ball joints system, adding knees, waste, wrist and feet articulation allows to this new figures to move even more, also new designs taking things to the next level such as War hammer and Thunder drain 


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