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The Legion


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This are new robot designs, easy to build and easy to costumize, a new kind of figure with diferent kinds of motions points across the body.

The robot's main body design, it's clever in design, simple in concept, and of solid structure, the same come in diferent sizes.

The main idea of this project it's to sell the concept, the main design, because this robots have a very simple design that can be reproduced, giving room for creativity and costumization.

It's a full set, with diferent designs

The articulation: this is a type of articulation that has been used by other costum creators before but it hasn't been applied to a model due to the limitations of the designer

This special kind of joint is composed of a minifigure leg and a minifigure, the peg of the hand goes on the hole of the minifigure leg, making a perfect base for either an arm or a leg for a full size robot.

Points of motion:

1) The head: it can go full 360 and is interchangeable with other characters.

2) The arms: both kinds can rotate both hands and the shoulders can rotate thanks to the minifigure joints and only the big figures have articulation on the elbow.

3)The waste: all the robotsof the Virtus class can rotate at the waste full 360.

4) The legs: can go from left to right thanks to the minifigure joints.

This is a size comparasion between a standard minifigure (center), a small robot design (left) and a big robot design (right).
Even if the class is the same, the robots are diferent in style.
Each robot has its own personality according with the design.
The weapons, class, armour pieces and the body parts are interchangeable and fully customizable.

The robots have a basic solid structure, there are endless ways to create new characters, and give new inventive looks.

All of the robots can get inovative upgrades suited for them, from costum made weapons, armour pieces.

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