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The Hobbit 🧙 Middle Earth ⛰️


Comparison video between the game and the project (extra images):

Welcome to the LEGO Ideas Hobbit (2003) Project! Thank you for checking it out! This was a huge undertaking making all the locations and especially characters so Support the project for free in hopes that it reaches 10,000 supports and becomes a real set!

The game is loaded with beautiful crafted inspired celtic music using celtic instruments. It's a 3D platformer with simple combat and puzzle solving. Bilbo can use throwing stones, a walking stick (which allows him to also leaper further distances) and the sword sting to defeat enemies. He can also hide using the power of the one ring.

This is a pure passion piece. And I hope it can interest you as well! The Hobbit was one of the first games I've ever played and certainly one that I've kept going back to, even to this day! So out of the love of this game and middle earth in general I bring you this project!

The Hobbit (2003) is an extremely nostalgic game for all those who have played and tried it out. It is sometimes referred to being similar to some of the Zelda games. Fans still comment on it and uploads videos such as on YouTube finding old content like behind the scenes videos and making new discoveries. It is also of course reviewed and played through by new people now and then.

The three trolls Tom, Bert and William!
"Three wicked, huge Trolls! Oh Oh, I'd better tell the Dwarves! But they'll just say that a really first-class burglar would have picked the troll's pockets! Uh! Wait! A pocketbook!" - Bilbo Baggins

The hero characters. Bilbo, Gandalf, Thorin, Lianna of the woodelves elf, Corwin huntsman from laketown
Minions of the Necromancer + variations of orcs and goblins found throughout the game.
Various other enemies, were-worms, plants, water leapers, stone giants, spiders, fire bat, three imps and rock badgers.
Various chest types and items.
Front of the build:

The Urn Puzzle Gate, it leads to a wight lord boss in the game!
  • Green Dragon sign
  • The Yellow raft on the left keeps moving in a pattern in the game allowing you to jump on rocks and vines in front of the urn gate to collect the urns before opening it.
  • In the middle there is jumping platforms that can fall and spring up and down. They vertically raise and lower in the game. Bilbo mentions how he does not see these things in the shire! 🏡

Climbing Vine!
  • The courage point pickup items can be clipped onto bars as shown here on the vine with a green one.
Sliding Path!
Bilbo falls here after trying to collect the firewood that the Dwarves instruct him to find while setting up camp across the paths of the misty mountains!
Falling Cliff!
  • The cliff can drop on this part. The firewood is placed above it.
  • A save pedestal is in the foreground. One of many found throughout the game.
Moving Block
  • Bilbo moves these to reach higher cliffs in the games or clog/unclog small waterpool drains
  • To the left is a elven torch found in the "Barrels out of Bond" level
Moving spikes!
One of the traps found in the "Troll Hole" level.

Included level elements in this design proposal:

  • Chapter 1: An Unexpected Party: Green dragon sign
  • Chapter 2: Roast Mutton (trolls, cooking stand, tree stump, pocket book, plant cliff at the very top)
  • Chapter 3: Troll-Hole (spiked wooden traps)
  • Chapter 4: Over Hill And Under Hill (upper levels in olive green, olive green arch under mine cart track, stone giant)
  • Chapter 5: Riddles In The Dark 5: (Minecart, goblin constraptions)
  • Chapter 6: Flies And Spiders (Urn Gate, dangling and webbed cobwebs, vertically moving platforms)
  • Chapter 7: Barrels Out Of Bond (Elven torch and green curved cliff above movable block)

Why it would make a good set:

  • The features and characters packed in this set would be exciting on it's own even for people that have not played or familiar with Hobbit/Middle Earth Content in general. But added with a giant IP (The Hobbit from JRR Tolkien) and nostalgia being an old video game would boost it even more.

  • Good playable features such as the minecart tracks, puzzles entrances, slope mountain path. Bright and sea through pieces for many of the game's collectibles and items while still being exciting for afols at the same time with familiar characters and inclusion of a dark-gritty look for the environment aspect.

  • The game lends itself perfectly to LEGO. With it's cartoonish style and simplified characters. Some of the assets such as the ferns within the game are great for LEGO's ones. The 2003 game even includes a easter egg shoutout to LEGO with it's very similar classical dragon design for the green dragon inn sign. Which I have included in the build and was probably my original inspiration long ago for merging the Hobbit with LEGO.

  • Since I have made the build from bits and pieces of different levels from the game. It allows the build to be more exciting while allowing countless possibilities for changes and re-arrangements or an entire re-focus for the official LEGO designers that remake it should the build be made. So it should be an interesting process for all involved.

Don't forget to support. Feel free to share it/make videos on it if you wish.

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