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Bricksauria | Tyrannosaurus rex


King of all beasts... Now built from Lego bricks in true minifig scale! 

Tyrannosaurus rex is - indeed - the most famous dinosaur of all time and also one of the largest ever known land predators. It has played a major role in many cult films, like The Lost World (1925), King Kong (1933) and Jurassic Park (1993).

I know, I know... Lego just launched JP set which includes also this magnificent beast. The set is awesome and I truly enjoy building it but for once I feel that lego has gone over the top with scale - it would be great to get brickbuilt T-rex in minifig scale too! At least collectors like me would save some shelf space... 

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Bricksauria - Dinosaurs made from Lego bricks

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