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Archive (Modular Building)




Are you a fan of LEGO Creator Modular Buildings?

This set brings up a new building to the city: the Archive.

Archives are facilities where records like documents, microfilm, photos, books, tapes and modern multimedia records are stored for research purposes. All records are stored with strict organization for easier access and with strict care for preservation. Students and researchers can study the data in reading rooms. Big archives can also serve as museums for historically important records.

The model has a plenty of detail and features. It follows the features that appear through the modular series: old stylish look, the pavement configuration with a white lamppost, connection pegs for connecting with other buildings, creative construction techniques, detailed front facade, a way to travel between floors, interior detail like furniture, brickbuild sign and minifigures with the same simple face.



The building has three floors and its slightly elevated above the ground. Two upper floors and the flat roof are detachable for easier access. The upper part of the first floor's wall is also detachable for easier access. There is a pavement with a lamppost, 2 drains and 2 parking meters outside the building. Four gridded air vents are located at the base. The decorated front facade of the building consists of masonry details, a brickbuild ARCHIVE sign, a nameplate, 4 patina covered statues and 8 lion heads. The statues represent exploration, education (statue with scroll), justice and toughness (from oblivion of knowledge). The entrance also has access stairs, two potted Cupressus plants and brown mats.

  1. floor: Contains a vestibule with 4 exhibits in 3 cases and a decorated clock, a staircase, an office, a restoration room and a photocopy room. The office contains a bookshelf, a diploma, 2 chairs and a desk with lamp (incorporated with an ink bottle with a fountain pen), a mug and a typewriter. There is also a paper knife placed on the wall over the desk. The restoration room contains a workstation, a chair, a cabinet and a closet under the stairs. The photocopy room contains a pile of paper and a xerographic photocopy machine (based on the Xerox 914). There is also a backdoor in the photocopy room and a fire extinguisher in the staircase.
  2. floor: There is a reading room, a staircase and an archive. The reading room has 2 long desks with 4 lamps and 2 old-stylish computers with tape readers, 7 chairs, wall decoration and a working microfilm reader. You use the reader by inserting the microfilm piece in the holder and activating the lightbrick to project the enlarged inscription. The archive contains 1 old stylish computer data storage device and shelves with microfilm records and tapes (tape pieces), photographs (bar piece registers), movie tapes (round elements) and phonograph records (cylinders). The shelf has a bar for ladder.
  3. floor: This room is the main archive containing 2 register shelves and a trolley. The registers are represented by colourful bar pieces placed on larger bricks. Each set of shelves has bars for a ladder. The ladder can be relocated and moved left and right across the shelf to access the topmost registers.
  4. Roof: The roof is accessed via a ladder from the 3. floor and contains 2 ventilation units and 2 drains.

The set contains 6 minifigures: a head archivist, an archivist, a record restoration specialist, a genealogy professor, a historian and a student

Accessories include a brush, a mug, a fountain pen, a fire extinguisher, 2 knifes (one is a paper knife and the other one is used for restoration), 2 suitcases, a camera, 2 paint cans, 2 magnifying glasses, an old record, 2 paper pieces, a paper with a family tree, 2 tapes, 3 newspapers, 2 photos, 3 microfilm records, 5 letters, 3 white records, 3 nougat records and 4 registers for records (Just the 2x1 and 1x1 records are stored in there. They are placed on the topmost shelves).


Brick separator included.



  1. The building
  2. Front facade
  3. The statues
  4. Sign
  5. Pavement and entrance
  6. The back of the building
  7. Entrance
  8. The floors
  9. First floor
  10. The vestibule
  11. Exhibits
  12. Clock
  13. Staircase A I
  14. Staircase A II
  15. Office
  16. Office furniture
  17. Office floor
  18. Typewriter
  19. Restoration room I
  20. Restoration room II
  21. Restoration room III
  22. Workstation
  23. Photocopy room I
  24. Photocopy room II
  25. Xerographic photocopier
  26. Second floor
  27. Staircase B I
  28. Staircase B II
  29. Reading room I
  30. Reading room II
  31. Reading room III
  32. Microfilm reader
  33. Microfilm reader operation
  34. Archive A
  35. Shelf A
  36. Third floor
  37. Archive B I
  38. Archive B II
  39. Archive B III
  40. Shelf B I
  41. Shelf B II
  42. Shelf C I
  43. Shelf C II
  44. Trolley
  45. Roof
  46. Minifigures I
  47. Minifigures II
  48. Records, registers and accessories
  49. Idea for nameplate
  50. Parking meter (supposed print for tile)
  51. Scene I
  52. Scene II
  53. Scene III
  54. Scene IV
  55. Scene V
  56. Scene VI
  57. Scene VII
  58. Scene VIII
  59. Scene IX





Made by: LegoIvanWanter

Programs used: Lego Digital Designer, PowerPoint


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