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Thunderbird 3


Booster Modification

I have made some changes to the three boosters to make them more authentic.

These changes include:

  • Increased size of the top white section
  • Black stripe below the top white section
  • Better overall shape
  • Narrower numbering
  • An additional stripe above the bottom white section in a darker red


60th Anniversary of Supermarionation

Today is the 60th anniversary of the first airing of a show filmed in Supermarionation, the unique film style used by the creators of Thunderbirds. To mark the occasion, I have another update for Thunderbird 3.

This update adds 'launchpads' for the model to rest on. There are three, one for each booster and they match those seen in Thunderbird 3's launch silo, used to absorb exhaust fumes when the rocket launches.

They make for an excellent way to view the model and give more context to the display.



Moon Landing 50th Anniversary

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the historic first moon landing, I thought it would be good to show the Thunderbird 3 model alongside the excellent Lego Saturn V rocket which is of a similar scale at 1:110.

I haven't made any changes to the TB3 model, I just wanted to mark such a momentous occasion.

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