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Thunderbird 3


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Thunderbird 3 is International Rescue's rocket used for space rescue seen in Supermarianation's cult classic 'Thunderbirds' from 1965. The show is set in the year 2065 where an organisation develops fantastic machines to save those in peril in difficult rescue missions. Thunderbirds has been kept alive and is still capturing the imagination of the current generation in the new series 'Thunderbirds Are Go' which has been on air since 2015.

At 76cm tall the model is a faithful rendition of Thunderbird 3 from the orignal 1965 show at 1:115 scale.

As in the TV series, the control room is accessed by sitting on a couch that elevates the crew through a tunnel leading from the the base of the rocket all the way to the control room. 

The model includes an opening door to access a removable main control room. The control room can seat 2 minifgures. 

The minifigures from left to right:

  1. Alan Tracy: Astronaut - The youngest of the Tracy brothers, Alan is the main pilot of Thunderbird 3.
  2. John Tracy: Space Monitor - Although never seen to control the rocket for space rescure in the show, John is said to rotate control of Thunderbird 3 with Alan in monthly cycles. 
  3. Scott Tracy: Pilot - Most well known for piloting Thunderbird 1, Scott is the co-pilot of Thunderbird 3 during space rescue.
  4. Tin-Tin Kyrano: Brains' Assistant - Occasionally accompanying the Tracy brothers in rescues, Tin-Tin was part of Thunderbird 3's crew in its most iconic episode: 'Sun Probe'.
  5. Brains: Engineer - Inventor of all the Thunderbirds craft, Brains maintains Thunderbird 3's systems.
  6. Braman: Robot - Built by brains, Braman plays a pivotal role in the episode: 'Sun Probe'.


Thunderbirds are Go!



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