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The Wizard's Retreat


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If you wander far enough into the fairy tale forest you may be lucky enough to come across the Wizard's Retreat. It is an elaborate abode, built amongst the tall trees of the forest. Although the retreat is hidden, the Wizard is not alone as there are several other characters that live in the forest with him. 

This set was so fun to build and is made of many detailed sections. I think it would be great for both display and play.

The Treehouse (on the left)
Bottom floor
  • Front door, spiral staircase going up to the middle floor, and an entrance tunnel into the main house on the right
Middle floor
  • Storage and a ladder going up to the bedroom
Top floor
  • The Wizard's bedroom with bed, plant, and mirror; There is also a small bridge that leads to the balcony on top of the main house
The Main House:
Bottom floor
  • The Wizard's office with a desk, bookshelf, cabinet, table holding a crystal ball and a key, and the stairs leading to the second floor
Second floor:
  • The workshop and potion room where the Wizard and his apprentice mix ingredients and create potions that they sell in the nearest village
Third floor:
  • Left side: The balcony with includes a small stove for cooking, a perch for the Wizard's pet dragon, and an orrery
  •  Right side: The spiral stairs from the ground lead up to a ladder that can be climbed to reach the attic. In the attic you will find a pedestal with the Wizard's treasured manuscript (it holds all of his potions recipes and spells)

The Back:
A garden 

The Characters:
The Wizard
His Apprentice

Elf Female

Elf Male

The Forest Princess

A mysterious traveler

The Animals:

The pet dragon

A squirrel

A bird's nest with a bird in it

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