Product Idea

Small House

Hello, everyone! My last six LEGO Ideas projects have been train related. So, I built a small LEGO house to post here. However, I did not build this house because I was inspired to build something else. I was just in the mood to build a LEGO house.

The Small House project is 466 pieces. This set includes a minifigure, as well as four flower pots, a fireplace, a kitchen, a bed, a lamp, a chair, and a table. All of the items within the house can be removed so that way they can be looked at more closely. The roof on the Small House can be removed for easier access.

Another way to access the inside of the house is by hinging open the back. The back hinge held in place like the side walls in my Modula City Commuter Tram project.

Thank you, everyone, for viewing and supporting this project! If you want to give any suggestions for improvements on this project, please tell me your ideas in the comments. Have a good day, everyone! By Cheeseinthepie. 7/8/2018