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Wipeout: The Overdrive


56 Supporters... 47 Days... Support!

Hey guys!

So I've been working on improving the model with piece count, and thinking of ways to improve both playability and design.  I am considering redoing the green and red platforms entirely, because they are built up a bit strangely and take up quite a number of pieces.  

If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

Meanwhile, we're getting slow but steady supports.  We've got 47 more days to hit that 100 supporter benchmark, and I know we can do it, but we've gotta get the supports rolling in... at minimum, roughly one support a day!  

So tell everyone you know about this project! Friends, enemies, family, social media friends, pets (??)

I hope to share an updated model next week!

Thanks so much!



I Want Your Feedback!

Hey everyone!  Thanks to all the 49 supporters who have already supported this project!

I'd like to ask, and hear back from you, what could be improved with this project!  I'm already working on reducing the piece count, but is there anything you think I could make better looking, or should I add another build or minifigure?

I look forward to hearing from all of you guys!



Minifigure Names! Thanks to Twiggy

So guys...

We got names for the minifigures!  

You can thank the amazing, the infamous...Twiggy9997!

Yep!  Thanks to Twiggy, here's an  updated picture of the minifigures with their names!

From left to right, we've got:

  • Mary "Go Round" - Round and round and round she goes on the center platform!
  • Joe "Mr. Cool" - His cool complexion doesn't even begin to express his utter awesomeness..
  • Stacy "The Watcher" - She just sittin'.  Watchin'. Waitin' for the others to... wipe out.
  • Henry "Bullzdozer" - Want to know how he got those scars?  By bulldozing his way through the Overdrive!...

Thanks once again to Twiggy9997!  Tell me what you think of the names and descriptions of each minifig!  :)



A Quick Comparison!

First of all, I'd like to thank all 30 supporters so far for their support!  You guys rock!  

But anyways, just wanted to share a quick comparison picture of the real thing compared to the model!

The one on the top is the actual thing while the one on the bottom is the model I made!  I know, hard to tell the difference, right? ;)

Also, now that we're published, I'm going to actively work on reducing the piece count.  The model's currently sitting at 593 bricks, which isn't high by any means, but I'm hoping to get it down to at least 550 or 525 to make it more of a reasonable proposal!  Expect that update soon!

Here's to 100!


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