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Wipeout: The Overdrive


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"It's simple! Enter on GREEN, exit on RED, and don't let the sweeper bars go OVER your head!"

That's right!  Wipeout!  Yep!  Finally living up to my username again! ;)

But this time around I've made some major improvements and additions to the project, the one and only, the infamous Overdrive!  That's right, it's back, folks, and better than ever!  Using a humble 577 bricks, this representation of the obstacle from the hilarious TV show has tons of play features and a very faithful design to the actual Overdrive! 


In case you're not quite sure what Wipeout is, here's a quick summation: Wipeout is (was) a popular TV show on the ABC network in which contestants had to go through a ridiculous obstacle course in order to win a ridiculous amount of money.  This obstacle, the Overdrive, is merely one of those many obstacles.  

The Overdrive has a simple objective: get to the other side, and don't fall off.  If you fall off, you have to swim back to the starting platform.  To begin, you jump from the green starting platform onto the main "turntable" of sorts.  If you can make it into the middle, you must wait for the part of the turntable to come around, and then you run to the edge and choose one of three obstacles to jump to: the Unstable Table (which is quite as unstable as it sounds), the Banana Hammock (which is probably worse than slipping on a real banana peel), or the Green Ball (which isn't as simple as it looks).  I've created these in a (at least to me) fairly satisfying way.  


I'll take you through the pictures.

The first picture demonstrates a play feature of the Banana Hammock.  The whole thing teeters, just like the one in the show, when you apply pressure to it.

The second picture is a demonstration of the spinning turntable and sweeper bar.  By twisting the red cylinder piece on the top, you can actually turn the turntable, as in the show.

The third picture shows the Unstable Table, and how it tilts if you apply pressure to it as well.

The fourth picture shows all of the minifigures, minus one.  I'd like to give them nicknames, as the hosts of the show actually do to many of the contestants!  If you have a good nickname, post it in the comments! :)

The fifth picture shows the entirety of the set, along with John Henson, who has a closeup in the next picture.

Annd... for the final picture, there is a closeup of the proposed John Henson minifigure, who is one of three hosts of the show! 

Thanks for taking the time to read through this proposal of a Wipeout Lego set; I hope that you will find it worthy of your support!  If so, don't hesitate to hit the support button!  Every vote counts! ;)


Thanks so much!



P.S. @ the moderators, the main image has no actual logos from the show, I made them myself in photoshop :P

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