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X-Wing Star Wars Ep. VII


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The X-wing is the fighter that killed the Death Star…  And it just got better!


Now Whatsuptoday, VAkkron and Saabfan proudly present the X-wing Starfighter, coming soon in Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens.

For over a generation, the X-wing Starfighter from the Star Wars saga has been one of the most famous fictional spacecraft ever conceived.  With its durability, speed, maneuverability and sheer firepower, this vessel has been the ultimate agent of good in the epic battle against tyranny.  But now, there is something new on the horizon.  A recreated starship is coming, more advanced after years of technological progress, and even now it stands posed to surpass the old.  Sporting a sleeker body style, tighter wings, and a more efficient drive system, there is no stopping the new X-wing.  Born in a universe of legend, with a new event in the making, and now in Lego form, this model is second only to the ultimate power in the universe: your imagination.  Will you climb in your starfighter to battle whatever evils the galaxy may bring?  There have been TIE Fighters, Star Destroyers, and Death Stars—what will you challenge next?

For more information and a history of our project, check out our booklet!                                                  This model is made from 916 Lego bricks, featuring current parts in several new colors.  Functioning just like the version to be featured in the movie, this fantastic ship utilizes the new splitting S-foil design.  The main difference between this model and previous Lego X-wings is a body overhaul and added functionality for a more playable starfighter. The whole vehicle is constructed to endure a child’s play, but it is still detailed enough for any collection.  Designed in two color schemes, this vessel could be produced as either the X-wing seen in the movie trailer with its blue highlights or an alternate version using black-orange detailing.


This model was carefully designed to incorporate many great features and details!

• Includes 3 minifigures: an X-wing pilot with a new suit, the new Droid BB-8, and an Exclusive J. J. Abrams minifigure with a mug
• Split-S-foils with positions for attack and flight
• Four wingtip laser cannons
• Firing spring-launch proton torpedoes
• A very detailed cockpit, including pilot’s couch, navicomputer, and control stick
• An access panel located over the hyperdrive
• Detailed machinery on the back of the vessel
• A cargo storage compartment to hold equipment such as an emergency radio, binoculars, and two blasters
• An easy-access compartment for the droid BB-8
• Triple retractable landing gear
• A ladder to enter the X-wing
• A sturdy design utilizing a range of building techniques
• An instruction booklet containing background information on the X-wing as well as detail about the designers

Although this ship only appears for a few seconds in the movie trailer and also in this video, we created it to be the perfect addition to any Star Wars and Lego fan’s collection.  It is likely that The Lego Company will design their own version of this vehicle to accompany the forthcoming movies, but our team decided to try our hand at creating one.  If you like our design and are excited to see the upcoming movie, please consider supporting our project!  You could help make the Episode VII X-wing the next Lego Ideas Product!


We hope you enjoy what we have done with our project.  Please support, comment, and share to aid in our effort to reach 10,000 supporters!

This project is a collaboration between whatsuptoday, VAkkron, and saabfan.

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