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X-Wing Star Wars Ep. VII



Why did we publish this design?

 Answer to the recurring question: Why did you designed and built this model while Lego will ever produce its own official LEGO set?
I built the starting model, designed according an idea of my 10 year old son, a few days after the publication of the official trailler in autumn 2014. It took a few months to Saabfan, VAkkron and myself to improve and perfect the original design, once this enormous work is completed, we heard that Lego would certainly produce a set of the new X Wing!
At this momment, the question to continue the project to the end, and to publish it at Lego Ideas, was asked!

The conclusion of this reflection has led us to continue because:

- 1 How to explain to a child of ten years: we stop everything on this project because that maybe one day, Lego will build, on its part, this ship?
My son could not understand this and said:
"So we can no longer build anything in Lego bricks, if one day, Lego built this design?Well, in that case, what designs it remains possible for us to achieve?"

- 2 This is not a plaggia, since we are the first compared to Lego, to realize this model?
All details and features of this model, which were published in our booklet, are our property and can not be copied identically by Lego!

- 3 And, why Lego will not use our model? In addition, it will be the best! (lol) :-)

Well, now you can support this project, if, any time, you had not yet done, for this reason, of course!


Valerie R. aka whatsuptoday



Finally, the booklet is finished ...

Hi friends,

There is one image we found potentially showing a black and orange vehicle to be used in the movie. We weren't sure how accurate it was, but we created the secondary color scheme just in case that one happens to be the main new x-wing used in the movie. We'll just have to wait and see as we get closer to the release!

To celebrate the 150 supporters,
here is the link to view the booklet:

(click the picture)