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Futurama: Welcome Back To The Year 3000


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Good News, Everyone!

The Professor has fired up his forward time machine to take this project around once more, and one universe later here we are again:

Futurama – Once More With Feeling

We’re back, baby! Just like the legendary science fiction show! 
Futurama is being brought back with 20 new episodes to be released in 2023. What better way to celebrate than getting a commemorative LEGO set that you can proudly display in your home!

Having this decorative display set on your shelf, desk or mantelpiece is guaranteed to spark conversation about your favourite show in the universe (no: I’m not talking about a Single Female Lawyer!). You will enjoy geeking out with your friends over the shenanigans of our main characters Fry, Leela and Bender, who all come in glorious BrickHeadz style. Take them off the stand and re-enact your favourite Futurama scenes, while marvelling at the iconic New New York landmarks that make up the background of the display.

The set even comes with replaceable signs that you can pop into the large screen the Planet Express ship is about to crash into. Have your pick of the Futurama Logo screen, a Planet Express billboard, a Slurms ad (it’s highly addictive), or an inspirational message from your alien overlord - the Hypnotoad!

This model consists of:
  • Philip Jay Fry BrickHeadz.
  • Turanga Leela BrickHeadz.
  • Bender Bending Rodriguez BrickHeadz (with working door on the torso to store his… juice?)
  • The display base (40 studs wide and 19 studs deep) + sign holder for the unused signs.
  • The building with the big screen on top.
  • Four hilarious signs that can be popped into the screen.
  • The Planet Express ship about to crash into the screen (mounted on a ball-joint for easy positioning).
  • A Bricksketch-style 2-1/2-D representation of the iconic Planet Express headquarters.

This set comes with ca. 2000 pieces.

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