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Polaroid OneStep SX-70

Add one of the most iconic cameras in the world to your LEGO collection: the Polaroid OneStep SX-70!

This LEGO set is designed for avid and casual fans of photography alike, any fan of iconic pieces of technology and memorabilia, and any LEGO collector who would love to display this beautiful model on their shelf.

The nearly to-scale model is made up of 538 pieces, and features builds for the iconic Rainbow Polaroid OneStep SX-70 and a box of SX-70 Film. A cloth strap that can be added to the model is also included.

This display model bears many details and features:

  • Simply spin the gear found on the left side of the Polaroid to "develop" film and watch a photo come out! Spin it the other way to bring it back in and do it again.

  • The viewfinder can be used as intended, as it has an opening that goes through the entire camera.
  • Open the front to reveal the camera's inner workings, including stickers placed by the manufacturer. Not sure how to insert the SX-70 film? Simply follow the arrow shown.

This set can only stand a chance if it hits 10,000 supporters, so be sure to support and share this model with friends and family.