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The Wedding Venue

Welcome to the High Hat Club, the classiest place in town. A favorite celebrity hangout, it is the place to go for fine dining, live music, and dancing long into the night. Tonight is a special occasion for the club as they are hosting a glamorous wedding. The entire building had been decorated with pink and lavender garlands, the chef has created a beautiful cake, the band is warming up on the stage, and you are invited.

Don’t have anything to wear? Not a problem. Just drop by Dress Shop where the seamstress will take your measurements and make sure any new gown fits perfectly. Gentlemen, be sure to check out Toppers haberdashery next door for hats, scarves, gloves, and all the accessories for the well-dressed man about town.

Now you’re all set. The band is fired up and the lovey bride and groom have taken to the dance floor. Head up the sweeping staircase, throw open the balcony doors, and enjoy the crisp night air.

This build was designed in white with graceful curves, columned railings, and ornamental details hinting at the baroque marble architecture if was modeled after. The rear of the building was deliberately left as a blank canvas to allow for a mural to be inlaid in its walls. On it own, the design even looks a bit like a wedding cake several layers and flowered bunting. The model includes 9 minifigures and fits within a 32x32 plate allowing it to integrate with standard modular buildings.

Here is your chance to become a wedding planner. So, invite your minifigure friends for an elegant celebration. There's plenty of room on the dance floor and the party is just getting started.

I really hope you like this Ideas project and help make it a real set!

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