Product Idea |

The Scene


Come and listen to a concert in the city square, where singers rock the music, where the drummer is unleashed, where the guitarist plays his piece to perfection and where the singer screams in his microphone.

- Includes 2 trees, a fountain with water and lights on the ground.
-Include 2 manholes with a channel on the right side.
-Include the stage with a ramp to climb above the building, an antenna, lights on the end of the stage, computers, chairs, speakers and a giant overhead lighting. Include a battery.
-The set includes 9 characters: the guitarist, the drummer, the singer and 6 spectators.
-The set is 19 cm wide, 24 cm long and 22 cm high.

This set would suit both large and small. It offers endless possibilities to play. It's fun and we've never seen scenes in LEGO.