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Morgan Inspired Old Fashioned Car


This old fashioned car was inspired by a Morgan soft-top I saw in Lake Como, Italy.  I built it because the vehicles Morgan Motor Company makes are what what come to mind when I think of vintage cars (which I find fascinating) and I did not have one for my minifigures to drive.


  • Swoopy front fenders
  • Beautiful two-tone blue paint job
  • Comfy leather interior
  • Opening doors
  • Removable roof
I did my best not to include any illegal building techniques, so if there are any, it is unintentional.

I think this would make a great addition to anybody's Lego town or car collection.  It would also make an awesome display piece. It is 6 studs wide, 16 studs long, and 4 2/3 bricks high.

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