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The Smurfs: Papa's Mushroom (With Slides)

Hello and welcome to my Smurf set.

This is a version from my old LEGO IDEAS from 2017, and I've tried to make the images as crisp as I could, but for some reason every program I used make it more blurry, so hopefully they are easy to see. Once I first stared out in LEGO, I wanted to create a set that not only children would love, but for adults who watched the show back then.

Pierre Culliford was a Belgian comics writer and artist, His best known work is the comic strips The Smurfs. The Smurfs was created in 1958, a worldwide known comics that gained its popularity towards children and adults alike!

This set is highly based on the animated cartoon from the 80s, and I put my heart and soul into it, so I really hope you like it. It comes with 958 pieces and over 28 custom prints!

The Minifigures
On the list of minifigure's from left to right, we have...

Gargamel: With new prints for his face and a skirt piece (I don't actually know what that would be called to be honest).

Papa Smurf: With a new print for his face and torso, I was actually thinking about giving him the beard piece.

Smurfette: With new print for her face, torso, and skirt. By the way, that is just a gnome hat on top of Daphne from Scooby-Doo hair piece, in knowing LEGO they might make that a new mold.

Brainy: With new print for the face and torso. Nothing really special with him, but still so cute!

Now The Set
For this set, one of the most iconic building's is Papa Smurfs Mushroom house. With this build, I wanted it to stand out from any set, one of my favorite parts of it is the tall tower mushroom; even if it wasn't in the show, the look of fantasy mixed with architecture makes a creative outcome!

The interior of the build five rooms jam-packed with amazing details and hidden Easter eggs!
The main floor shows that this is where Papa Smurf does his studies and potion creations. On the book table, there is a blue book. 


Fun Fact: The blue book is found in the 2011 The Smurfs movie.
Next to the nook stand is a cauldron with some mysterious green goo. On the walls, Papa Smurf has hung some of his memorable pictures.
The Second floor is where Papa Smurf keeps all of his prized possessions, such as YES you guessed it, Smurf berries. It also comes with two beds and a shelf of different objects, from a Vanity mirror, to even a boomerang.
On the top of the third story mushroom tower, is where you will find Brainy studying the stars. And behind him is a map of June's constellation, representing the month Pierre Culliford was born in.
*I do not know a lot about zodiac signs, so if you do please write in the comments more about this sign, and if I got it wrong I'm sorry*
And above him is a beautiful chandelier.
The second floor is all for Smurfette, where she can look in the heart shaped mirror and comb her hair. The background print shows a beautiful yellow fairy helping her out.
The first floor is one of my favorites to design. This is the shelves where Papa Smurf keeps all of his books and potions. As you might see, the shelves are full of different Easter eggs from the show. (check out picture of prints to see more).
And look! Gargamel has the map of Smurf Village, I wonder what he's planning…

The bunny is so cute, coming with a saddle to ride around on it to find more Smurf berries. The mushroom lamp is so cool because the middle piece glows in the dark, how perfect for night!

The Prints

In total, this set has 28 prints (or stickers) in the PDF provides you with a detailed look at the prints.

Thank you so much for looking through all of this. I'm sorry for all the reading, but hopefully you like it.

Again, I can also tell that the images are of terrible resolution, I unfortunately can't fix that part, so hopeful they are crisp enough for all of you.

**For Better Quality Photos, HERE IS A LINK**.

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