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Greece Vacation


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Besides buying souvenir or capturing the perfect sunset shots as keepsake, why not build your own!? This iconic Greek island vacation house is designed for Lego mini figure so there are lots of potential to explore.


I went to Greek islands for my honeymoon 7 years ago. That was the best trip in my life. I always wonder when will Lego produce the architecture set for Greece/ Athens etc. I started working on this project; using different software and exploring different rendering techniques.

About my model

It consist 943 parts based on 32x32 baseplate.

Physical information: 39.7cm x 31cm x 19.9cm

In addition to the Greek vacation house, I designed a local Greek couple and some local style display.

Potential great Lego set:

Apart from culture and tradition in Greek islands, it brings lots of dreams and memories for travelers. This set may be placed as a decorative purpose or as a playable set. 

It is a hard and challenging journey to gain the support/votes. 10000 is a big number to be achieved. So your support means a lot to me!

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