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Star Wars Star Port


New base

The bricks are used well. This is a picture of my new base under construction. I hope to post it once it is finished.





Base Disassembly

Many people asked how the base has been build. Recently I broke down the base and decided to take some pictures that show the interior. I hope this answers some of your questions. I hope you enjoy the pictures below.

First all spaceships and cannons were removed.After that I removed all baseplates. This already reveales some of the interior structure.

After that all remaining deck plates were removed.

After that the entire upper deck supporting structure has been removed.

Completely removing the upper deck structure reveals the main deck sructure.

Most of the main deck supporting structure reveals all four hangers and the places where the cannons were placed.

The picture below shows the four hangers and four places where cannons were placed. These are still attached to the main deck primary skeleton structure.

Now only the main deck primary skeleton structure and part of the elevator shafts remains.

Finally only the sub structure remains. Still showing a hanger bay that was placed in the sub structure and four elevators.

Sad to say the base is now in bags...



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