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Star Wars Star Port


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The Star Wars Flak Tower has been attacked. It has been completely destroyed. It seems that we need a modular structure with more defences.

Please support this project if you want more modular sets. The idea is that each gun, gun recess module and hanger module is a seperate set. These sets can be combined into several versions of a base - from small to very large. This can be done by either using your existing LEGO and/or DUPLO bricks as substructure. This is when your phantasy comes in. Special substructure sets can also be available. As an example I build the base shown here.

The base of the tower has an entrance on each side. This entrance can be closed by a sliding door that runs in the same slot as the elevators do. There also is an extra deck below the main deck. It's opening can be seen at the top of the red part in the picture above.

A lot of structure is needed inside. There is a centerpiece to which all modules are attached. I use a lot of DUPLO to save valuable bricks that can be used on the exterior. Any colour will do on the inside because this piece is out of view anyways. Building a creative way to combine the modules into one structure is the fun part of the modular sets. This is where all of your LEGO and DUPLO can come in handy.

The round shape of the star port is loosely inspired by the Coruscant Westport Space Port. In the picture above you see the four elevators and all the spaceships.

Here is a more detailed view of the gun modules.

Heavy artillery (upper left).
Anti aircraft rockets (upper right).
Sniper turret (lower left).
Rapid fire gatling turret (lower right).

Please see my other projects for all spaceships that are stationed on this Star Port.

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